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'Rectify Records' is a small fully independent record label/webzine and blog set up by Berlin based musician Daniel Weltlinger in 2012, with the simple aim of releasing a selective amount of unusual and beautiful recordings along with some useful links, personal musings and bits of in depth historical research about the human condition. The primary focus is on conceptual recordings that subtly mix social commentary with jazz, folkloric and/or free improvised music influences.

The main idea underlying Rectify Records is alluded to in it's name, which reflects on the conceptual outlook of a gentle nudging of the world in a better direction. In Hebrew mythology this concept is known as 'Tikun Olam' or repairing/healing the world. Our world is a creation of infinite subtle organic beauty, colour and sound, and a simple truth is that within every single human being is the power to create and sustain beauty and diversity as opposed to perpetuating wasteful destruction.

In these strange times that we are living in embroiled in endless ideological conflict, war, shocking mass created/inspired misinformation, environmental damage of the most destructive and unnecessary kind, split second sound bites and instant information/gratification, there is an enormous need to create and promote music, art and new ideas that make a genuine difference for the better. Art for art's sake created solely for the betterment of humanity.






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