The Ticklers (self titled)
Released February 2013

“A mish-mash of arranged, deranged and not so arranged Gypsy-Swing, New Orleans, French Musette and Klezmer music…kind of a twisted Larry David meets the Muppets project..”

Neill Duncan – saxophones/clarinet/drums/percussion/toys/
penny whistle
Daniel Weltlinger – violin
John Blenkhorn/Nigel Date – guitar
Cazzbo Johns/Sam Golding – sousaphone

With special guests:
Michael Lira – bass
Svetlana Bunic – accordion

Recorded, produced and mixed by Neill Duncan and Peter Winkler.
Mastering by Craig Field at Underwood Studio.
Artwork by Neill Duncan and CD production by Peter King at MAD CDs.

1. Blue Drag (Josef Myrow) – 3:57
2. Bones (Walter Donaldson/Edgar Leslie) – 3:31
3. Passion (Tony Murena) – 4:40
4. Ghetto (Wojciech Kilar) – 1:39
5. Davenport Blues (Bix Beiderbecke) – 2:52
6. HCQ Strut/Girls Go Crazy (Django Reinhardt/Louis Nelson Delisle) – 3:19
7. Lester Leaps In (Lester Young) – 3:16
8. Varshever Swing (Traditional) – 3:10
9. Petite Fleur (Sidney Bechet) – 3:18
10. Swaying (Neill Duncan) – 2:02
11. Roller Coaster (Neill Duncan) – 1:37
12. Undecided (Sid Robin/Charlie Shavers) – 2:52
13. Hafinjan (Moshe Wilensky/Hayim Hefer) – 2:26

Sydney based band The Ticklers were a 4 piece ensemble made up of violin, saxophone/clarinet, sousaphone, guitar, drums, junk percussion, toys and vocals fronted by horn player Neill Duncan (Jew’s Brothers/Darth Vegas/Six Volts) and violinist Daniel Weltlinger (Lulo Reinhardt/Monsieur Camembert/The Asthmatix.) They were renowned for almost a decade for their kooky arrangements of many Swing and Klezmer classics. Performance highlights of The Ticklers over the years included regular appearances at the Big Laugh Comedy Festival, “Sleepless City” with aerial circus theatre troupe Aerialise, Woodford Folk Festival and even the Cole Classic Swimming Championship amongst countless other appearances at festivals, bar mitzvahs and pubs around the country.

In late 2012 Neill Duncan was diagnosed with cancer and in an effort to fight the spread of a sarcoma tragically had to have his left arm amputated. Being the truly amazing human being he is and a pure musician with a real zest for life Neill bravely carryied on and today is in proud possession of a one armed saxophone that was built for him by specialist Maarten Visser in the Netherlands. The production of this CD came about as a direct result of this tragedy with the specific aim of documenting a series of never released recordings of this seminal band.